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We think Rose & Brown customers look fab in their vintage purchases. So here is our constantly evolving 'Rogues' Gallery' of familiar faces wearing vintage clothing bought from Rose & Brown. Send us a photo if you'd like to be included. Don't be shy now!

Telephone: 07985 181120

Forgive me for not catching this beautiful customer's name. But she looks incredible in an original 30s beaded evening dress
Sarah in a great American 50s full skirted dress
Jayne couldn't resist this cute as pie 70s shirtwaister, and she took it all the way to ROME!
Victoria in astounding red satin 50s dress
Lucy B in the dress her mum bought her for her Birthday party
Jessica in 1940s black crepe, sequinned bodice evening dress. Dressed up for the Haworth 1940s weekend.
Two of our loveliest regular customers, Laura and Jenny in 60s shirtwaister and 60s shift dress. Looking 60s cool!
Bev in a stunning 1960s midnight blue beaded evening gown
Pam in classy 60s shift
Hazel in chinoiserie print 1930s housecoat
We know it's not a customer, but Claire bought this earthenware pancheon (a Victorian bread mixing bowl) and has filled it with plants. And it looks GORGEOUS!
Carol in a 1937 watered silk wedding dress that was dyed black in 1938