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In past years, The House of Rose & Brown presented a competition to create innovative, wearable clothing from refashioned pieces.  We called it 'Dead Threads'

Following our Dead Threads Launch Day at Impressions Gallery, Centenary Square, Bradford we had a good number of entries for the competition.

Past winners were:

Bola Cooper and Kim Latta  (Equal First Place)

Deanna Hodgson  (Third Place)

Highly commended:  Liz Smith and Dawn Bradford

Congratulations to all involved! 

Dead Threads
Resurrect: reconstruct: refashion

The brief:
Source an old outfit or articles of clothing which are no longer fit to wear - too tatty, too tacky, too tiny, too terrible, too tired…. These are our 'dead threads'.

Demonstrating the development of your ideas, and researching related concepts, explore how you can re-make the sourced garments into imaginative, inspiring, wearable fashion.

Create an outfit or an item of clothing, which is as wildly removed from its 'dead thread' origins as possible. Deconstruct and reinterpret your sourced items as much as your imagination allows. Embellishing and developing the piece with embroidery, printing, etc is perfectly acceptable. As many 'dead threads' as desired can be used. The only restriction is that you must re-use the vast majority of the original articles of clothing, as wastefulness is wholly discouraged.

The competition winner was judged as the most creative re-user of 'dead threads', with an outfit or garment, which delights and impresses with its ingenuity and appeal, whilst remaining wearable.

Refashion with flair, passion and a clear conscience - this is an opportunity to be part of a movement that is rejecting mass-market production and consumerism. Refashioning is the creative way to recycle, the responsible way to look good and the affordable way to be cutting edge.


Dead Threads 2007 winner Richmal Wigglesworth.
Dead Threads 2007 winner Richmal Wigglesworth.